The safety and well-being of our colleagues and our members is our main priority and we are staying close to government advice to ensure we are doing the right thing for everyone.

We want to keep you fully informed of everything we are doing in our stores, offices and warehouses to continue our focus on protecting you and our colleagues from the spread of Coronavirus.

Our response to Covid-19 consists of the following:

Implementing measures in stores to ensure everyone can maintain social distancing requirements. This will considerably change how people shop in our stores and is the right thing to do to help limit the spread of Coronavirus as much as possible.
We have implemented:
  1. A queueing system at all store entrances to maintain safe member numbers and ensure safe social distancing.
  2. Clear signage, directions, barriers and floor markings to help you safely move around stores.
  3. A polite request to only touch items you wish to purchase.
  4. A request to use card payment wherever possible to minimise cash handling. We have increased the contactless payment limit to £45.
  5. Every other checkout temporarily closed to help ensure everyone can maintain a safe social distance.
  6. Regular tannoy announcements from our colleagues to remind you of your responsibilities while shopping in our stores.
  7. Protective screens at our checkouts to minimise contact between colleagues and members.
  8. Shopping on behalf of members – if you are vulnerable, self-isolating or struggling to get to stores because of key worker shifts, you can permit a friend or relative to shop on your behalf by giving or providing an image of your membership card for them to bring in to stores and shop. Guest passes are available for members to give to their guests.
  9. Face coverings are mandatory in shops and supermarkets, children under 11’s in England and under 5’s in Scotland are exempt in line with government advice/guidance, from 24th July 2020.
  10. The liability for wearing face-covering lies with the individual.
  11. We expect all to fully comply with the government's mandatory use of facemasks in shops, excluding individuals with an exception.
  12. Should an individual without an exemption refuse to wear a face covering, a shop can refuse entry and can call the police if people refuse to comply, the police have the formal enforcement powers and can issue a fine of up to £100.
  13.  Facemasks will be available to purchase at the store entrance.
We have conducted a risk assessment on our warehousing and office area and have implemented measures so that colleagues are able to work safely and help reduce the spread of Coronavirus.

The control measures include:
  1. Working from home where possible.
  2. Changes to working arrangements to reduce colleague crossover – eg Changes to colleague working arrangements, entry and exit routes.
  3. Restricting visitors to the site to ensure that only essential visits take place.
  4. Where visits take place, additional checks are made to ensure colleagues safety is maintained.
  5. Changes to the office environment to ensure social distancing is possible – eg removal of hot-desking, restricting the number of colleagues in the office
  6. Meetings are undertaken using remote methods and where this is not possible, social distancing is in place.
  7. Management of cleaning activities to ensure that shared resources are not a source of contamination.
  8. Management of the on-site café to ensure social distancing is implemented.
  9. Changes to how first aid is delivered in the event of accidents and incidents.
  10. Management and guidance on safe travel between sites.
To find out more click here to view our risk assessment.

We will continue to review our social distancing measures in line with Government advice and we thank you for your understanding and support throughout this time.

Click here to watch our Social Distancing video: Find out more here.

Read a message from our Founder and Chairman John Marren here.